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July 4th is my birthday

2013-07-04 01:07:44 by TehPoptartKid

Guys! Happy independence day!

Also, it's my 22nd birthday. Yay!


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2013-07-04 05:12:01

Oh. Well, then. Happy Birthday to you! You've survived another year on planet Earth. Congrats. ^ . ^
22 huh? Such a fun number. For people that believe in numerology, 22 is a powerful symbol for special gifts of leadership and high-level inspiration. I hope this is a good year for you.

TehPoptartKid responds:

Thanks Piper!


2013-09-20 02:01:08

I work for the company that owns Knotts berry farm. I work at another of their parks in Nor Cal.

TehPoptartKid responds:

Oh yeah? That's pretty cool. How much do they pay you?